Many Information Technology (IT) companies exist nowadays. All of them undergo changes and growth. Some were shutting down others are arising. This is the usual occurrence of IT industry. Yet all are aiming the same goal; survival, innovation and expansion. Isn’t it one-sided? Has anyone thought of the welfare of the clientele? This is the main goal of WEB PLUS to make the clients realize their need for IT services…”You Need IT, We Have IT!”


WEB PLUS got its name from the word WEB which means network and PLUS which signifies for other services. It started year 2000 in Makati City. It was registered as an internet café having varied services such as surfing, gaming, encoding, and printing in 24-hrs. of operation. However, the owner always has the concept of “think outside the box”. He thought WEB PLUS could offer more than its basic services. With his noble vision of helping small enterprises in the computerization of their business transactions, he formed a team of IT experts. Working as a team they were able to offer inventory and accounting system, website development, hosting and customized software solutions.

The team achieved a lot for 8 years of business operation. They had local and international clients. In 2008 each member of the team found their new niche which changes WEB PLUS operation.

Here in Leyte, he foresees a new horizon full of hope for his noble passion of helping small enterprises adapt the IT era and evolution. It was year 2009 when WEB PLUS started in Ormoc City. It started with website development then inventory and accounting system in a motor parts business. Now it has more than 70 clients in the areas of Manila, Cebu, Bacolod, Leyte and Samar with varied businesses such as retail, farming, construction, school, direct-selling, bar and restaurant, bakeshop, cooperative, pharmacy and medical clinic. Recently, it offers customization to any type of businesses suiting the client’s need and demand.


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